Monday, February 25, 2013

Paul Derrico_Serial Structure 2-finished

After shaping the bird with grinders, rasps, and sand paper, I arrived at the final form.  Most of the areas were easy enough to work down.  The trouble parts were where the tail meets the back and the ridges curves in the neck and head.  These spots took some patience and time.

These photos show the areas where I had to lay in some epoxy.  There was a lot of gaps in the Luan that would eventually allow water and humidity to seep in and cause some damage.  I'd like this piece to last a long time, so I used epoxy injections to fully seal those gaps.

This photo was taken after buffing off the first layer of paste wax.  I wanted to use something to finish the bird that was pretty water resistant and still had a soft feel to it.  This pic also gives a good sense of scale and how massive the bird actually is.

Some final shots of the finished piece.  I'm actually really proud of the bird.  It was a fun project and something I've wanted to do for quite some time.  I'm sure that we'll have it in the family for many years.  It's a good conversation starter if nothing else.

The serial laminated construction is my favorite style that we've worked with over the quarter, and I plan to incorporate that into my final project.

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