Saturday, February 9, 2013

Paul Derrico_Serial Sculpture 2 in progress

This bird is stack laminated out of luan.  Same process as the other one.  This one will take a bit more grinding down though.  I'm about 1/2 done with the initial clean up of the form.  After I finish that, I'll start hand shaping it with rasps and files.  Then it's on to the final sanding with high grit and a clear coat.  I might have to take a step on coat some small areas with resin to avoid water and humidity from eventually leaking into the form through the cracks in the plywood.  Over the course of time, this could cause the form to separate, and I hope to keep this one for a good long while.

I've always wanted to do a massive bird sculpture like this.  I've experimented with wood carving and shaping in the past, but I think that this process made it much quicker and easier.  And the aesthetic is beautiful with the ringed look.  The piece reminds me of some of the more abstract nature forms done by Wharton Esherick.  He's one of my absolute favorite craftsmen.  You can check out some of his sculptures here.

His legendary home is a sculpture in its own right

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