Saturday, February 16, 2013

B. Rogers_ Radial Waffle

I began by approaching the project from the "tea lamp" perspective, but I wanted it to by slightly asymmetric and small enough where it could be fit onto one sheet 2'x4' luann sheet. The object was modeled as a curve in Rhino, which was then revolved and deformed with point control.
(Image is from the solid works file)

 I noticed a difference in the fit with this model, as 1.9 on the "slot" project was just *slightly* too tight, this one fit perfectly. I believe this is part of the difference when purchasing the precut 2'x4's from Home Depot VS. Getting a 4'x8' sheet and having it cut down, the precut sheets are *slightly* thicker.

I used the Pro Loctite glue to make sure that the vertical arms stayed in position.

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