Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Christian Dunbar - Project 1 - Sculpted Wave

In project 1, I set out to create a depiction of fluid movement by sculpting a solid material. The material I would be using was a 14 x 6 x 48 block of wood. First, I drew out a series of curves, that I would eventually use in conjunction with the loft command, to create a surface. My aim was to create a "water-like" shape, with an unknown being underneath, creating a wave. Next, I began lofting the surface. During this careful process, I manipulated several variables: control points of each curve, curve placement and coordination, number of surface control points, and various loft styles and simplification levels. Through hours of shaping and lofting and after many undesirable results, I ultimately designed a surface that created the desired effect. Next, I was faced with creating a solid from the surface. To do so, I created a solid box, and used my surface as a slicing tool with the Boolean split method. Finally, I used the scale command to fit my solid to the exact shape of my wood block. Ultimately, I was left with a solid positive and a solid negative for future prototyping and casting.

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