Monday, September 20, 2010

Matt Dwyer: Seeded Figure


Every technology that man invents cheaply imitates a function that already exists more perfectly in nature. In this project, I will collaborate with nature in her perfection and wildness to build a living sculpture whose essence is based on growth and renewal.

I will use the figure to represent man as the quintessence of nature whose highest calling is to be in relation with all that surrounds him. This figure will be composed of a ribbed wooden armature filled with soil and seeded for a chance to grow. I will approach the seeding process in a number of ways that include staggered sowing instances to exhibit the development of life, varied colored and textured plant species to emphasize certain areas of the body, and experimentation with directional lighting to examine the effects of exterior forces.


I will begin with the CAD image of a man/woman in the fetal position. I will try to find a formulation of this image online, but if I cannot, I will sculpt the figure in clay, then 3D scan and manipulate the image from there. I will Laser Print a ribbed armature which I will then fill with soil and seed appropriately. Construction and sowing will conclude at Week 5 to ensure 5 weeks of remaining growth time.

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