Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jeff Pruitt FDM project 2

When starting the FDM project I had no clue on how to go about starting, nor any direction in which to start with. From taking our little tutorial in Grasshopper and seeing the possibilties there I began to think the I could possibly construct something using this program and work with it more once it was printed. After fooling around with the program for a bit and understanding its capabilities a bit better I decided that I wanted to use the program not to simply create a final model straight out, but to use a few models within the program to produce a single finalized concept. Using multiple models formed in Grasshopper I started removing bits and pieces from a single sphere. After getting to a point I was content with I touched up a few places here and there.

A single object was nice but I wanted to go further and therefore attempted to create a stand for said object. Using one of the surface populated spheres from grasshopper I basically peeled it down in an attempt to create a stand.

When retrieving the printed object it came out much larger than I anticipated, (yes I know how large 6 inches is you just don't realize it until you have it) the stand also seemed to fall apart. I
now have a ring of pyramids, a big sphere ball thing, and a bunch of little random pyramids. I think I might attempt adding the pyramids to the sphere, I will update with how this goes.

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