Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jeff Pruitt Project 1 CNC Mill

For this project I wanted to create a modular design that could be unique depending on how you placed each piece but still able to flow smoothly from piece to piece. Using a triangle as my base object I used a single curve on each of the sides of the triangle in order to make all sides able to connect to each other. Using an edge surface tool I created a top. Disliking this I started again on a different design that I could actually stack on top of each other to create small caves within. Disliking this design as well I started fooling around with the two models and decided to combine the two directly on top of each other to create my form.
What I would like to do with it would be to vacuum form it so there is a hollow shell with more open spaces in between.
My only concerns at this point are the vacuum forming and removing the pieces once this is done. More posts will follow as more progress is made.
Jeff P

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