Sunday, September 29, 2013

Eddie Holecko: Project One, Process Photos

For this project, taking inspiration from H.R. Giger, I created a small WED clay sculpture.  The sculpt is roughly 4" tall so it works well with the 3D scanner's short range focus.  

roughed out creature sculpt

roughed out creature sculpt

refined creature sculpt

refined creature sculpt

refined creature sculpt-profile

rough creature sculpt back view

Next, the sculpt was sprayed with Kryolan Crystal Clear to seal the detail during the scanning process. The quick creature sculpt was then taken to the scanner.  I added several tracking points which make combining the geometry from each scan easier. 

Sculpture, with tracking points, mounted to the scanner.
Sculpture, with tracking points, mounted to the scanner.
Positioning the sculpture is very important in order to receive a clean scan. If the sculpt/object is not in focus then the scanner does not read the geometry. 
The scanner doing its magic
The scanner and  a glimpse at the Scan Studios interface

 In order to capture enough of the sculpture to work with in Rapid Works, Zbrush and Maya, I had to scan the object 360 degrees from three different positions.

Re-positioned sculpture
After the sculpture was scanned, I combined the scans from multiple angles to create one mesh.  I also cleaned up the geometry and cut out the metal pole that appeared in the scan. Then I imported the mesh into Rapid Works, where I patched a few holes in the geometry.  After the mesh was fused to one and completely patched, I exported an obj file.

Next, I imported the obj to Zbrush in order to clean up the geometry.  More information on mesh clean-up coming soon!

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