Monday, September 30, 2013

Daniela Guarin 3D Scanning and Rendering

My inspiration for the model I did was Flamenco. The movement of the skirt and the pose that the dancer acquires while perfoming.

The result was an organic and light sculpture, that is delicate and dynamic.
This is the original sculptey model with the alignment dots 

This is my original scan, after I converted into an
OBJ file and export it from RapidWorks to Rhino.

View from the other side

I reduced the amount of polys in my model. This
was done in rapidworks. This one is a wireframe view of a 1000-poly
Same 1000-poly model in a ghosted view
This model have 5000 polys. Wireframe view
Later I exported the original model into keyshot to experiment with texture.
Model in Thread texture.
 Model in rust texture
Model in brass texture

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