Sunday, September 29, 2013

Eddie Holecko: Project One, Digital Cleanup

Once the model was exported to an obj from RapidWorks, I imported the model into zbrush to clean up the polygons. 

Original geometry
Using the Dynamesh command in Zbrush, I evenly dispersed the polys throughout the object resulting in a much cleaner mesh. 

Dynamesh Model

I used Dynamesh in Z-brush to create several different high resolution and low resolution versions of the object.

29K polycount (left), 72k polycount (right)

191K polycount (left), 470k polycount (right)
After the model was exported as several obj files, I imported the low poly object into maya and experimented with creating a wire frame version.

maya screenshot, low poly obj

low poly obj (left),  reduced poly wire frame geometry (right)

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  1. What techniques did you use to have the wireframe result ?