Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thomas Gibson:Surface population milling

I became very intrigued with the surface population script in grasshopper that Professor Scott showed us. So I began playing around with the script and its capabilities and the forms that it created. I wanted a form that contained a very strong repetition and rhythm. The base surface that was populated as 8" wide and 48" long.
The first script that Professor Scott gave us didn't fulfill the form that I wanted so he had another one that adjusted the heights of each populant, which was something that I wanted.
After this surface is milled I want to cast the form in plaster and then take a piece of glass and melt it over the form so that the glass take its form.

After P. Scott made the mold, we then made a master mold from plaster, to which plaster was cast into so that glass could be slumped over it in the kiln. Here's some photos of the finished product.

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