Thursday, February 11, 2010

Carleigh Shannon:CNC Milling - Project 1

My inspiration for the CNC Milling project stemmed from landscapes. I wanted to create an abstract landscape that would carry the abstraction into the vacuuming process. My form was created in Rhino, I created each individual shape and edited surfaces from there to establish a wave typology within the surface.
Once the milling process is through, I plan to create a series of vacuum forms and shape them similarly to the picture below, with the potential of using more than four. The final product will be a wall piece.

After receiving my CNC model and rubber model back, it was time for some smooth cast DOPENESS!

First five minutes:
harding up at 6 minutes
Ten minutes
On to the next one after 15 minutes


  1. Carleigh, this posting needs and update, where are the pictures of the work in progress. a hypershot rendering would be nice.

  2. Smooth cast dopeness. i guess i got my update.

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