Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sarah Matthews:Project 2

I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do for this project. Basically I messed with the techniques Prof. Scott showed us in class and the tutorials. For some reason I was obsessed with spheres.
Every time I made a new project I started with a sphere and adjusted it from there.

After creating the sphere I selected staggered vertexes on the top half of the sphere. Then I scaled them to be larger. I didn't like the way they looked when they were roughly the same size so I went through each layer adjusting the scale of the spikes. Once I got those about the way I wanted Iseparated the sphere into 4 hemispheres. To make the hemispheres I selected 2 rings which intersect perpendicularly at the top and bottom of the sphere. The rings I selected were then scaled smaller so they are sucked into the sphere. I felt like the 4 points at the bottom would not be stable enough to support the structure so I pulled 4 of the spikes from the bottom layer down to form "legs" and create more support. I put the final touches on this project by adjusting the spikes to my liking. Some where scaled more, others were simply moved up or down.

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