Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thomas Gibson:FDM Process

When I first started thinking about the FDM project I had previously stumbled upon some blogs, http://designplaygrounds.com/projects/generative-structures-2/ , with generative structure scripting and I liked the idea of it and the possibility of the form that are created and its relation to architecture. I began playing around with that, and like it was never completely satisfied with the out come.
I continued looking at other generative structure ideas and came across something that wasn't exactly generative structures but it was more appealing to me with its capabilities than my previous idea. It was a grasshopper script that populated with two different tiles based on the tiles surface and its location to an angle in space. A full explanation and the script can be found here http://www.generativedesigncomputing.net/2009/11/rhino-grasshopper-modulation.html
After playing with this for a while I came across a form that I was pleased with.

So here is the final product turned out really nice. My Dad works at an aluminum foundry and I hope to be able to cast this in aluminum this summer

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