Friday, October 9, 2009

Planar Movement

Continuing a project started last quarter I am exploration the visual merger of multiple planes. I was looking to create a single modular unit that would allow me to transition one planar surface to another. Considering the continuing shape of the infinity symbol I saw an opportunity to create two circular planes from the symbol that would appear to transition between each other once in the third dimension. To create the sections I created a positive mold to be fabricated using the CNC mill. It will then be vacuum formed with a clear PETG plastic, and cut using the mill to create the disk shapes.


Scale also played a big factor when I considered how the viewer would see the transitions. With an overall space claim of 12”x12”x5’ the sections would be stacked and hung with most of the form being below eye level.

This will also allow the viewers to explore the surfaces and space in a manner that creates the desired illusion. Looking at the object form a distance will create the illusion of a singular surface but upon closer inspection it will reveal the modular sections.

-John Adams

1 comment:

  1. John,
    I really like this
    I know you would find great inspiration from Judy Pfaff
    she is a sculptor that works from the top down.

    her eclectic look might inspire you to add some other organic fibers to this piece...
    just a thought