Monday, October 5, 2009


Hi all!

Here is what I am currently working on in digifab class. I wanted to do a three dimensional repeat pattern, and have chosen an image of a school of fish to repeat out into a pattern.

I'm going to make a block of fish:
and then vacumform that block, so I have many panels of the same form. I will then mount them all on a wall, creating a large pattern.

I hope to make this design red by experimenting with vacuumingforming techniques and materials. I want to try to vacuumform pieces of soft red felt between two sheets of plastic, which may melt, but may also retain some fibrous quality, which is what I'm after. I'm also going to experiment with wool roving between plastic.
If this does not work out, I plan to paint the back of clear vacumformed plastic red.

The design is red to incite in the viewer thoughts of blood. Although completely icky, that will hopefully lead an audience to reflect on the rampant overfishing of the ocean, which will slowly but surely lead to humanity's own demise. The fish are crashing into each other which is a combative gesture that reflects the combative nature of humans, especially now that we are, as a species, overpopulated... As numerous and compact as fish in a school.

- Shannon Slane

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  1. shannon,

    good post.
    try to include some information about your digital process and modeling techniques you used to create your forms.