Monday, October 5, 2009

FDM Project

First pass.... I'm pretty sure this is the model I am going to use.
I am now working on different ideas as far as details.
I just got married in August, and that is where I got the inspiration for this model. The concept is based around the idea of finding the boundaries of between being 'one' together and 'two' as unique individuals.
I think I may get rid of the hair, as it is obvious that they are two different genders. If I decide to keep the hair, I am going to work on remodeling it so it is one with the other piece. I am also considering making the hair porous.
The other thing I am exploring is what kind of a base I am going to give this piece. I want it to be floating, or at least not posted straight down or sitting directly on the base.

One of the mistakes that looked interesting:
So I figured out a composition and was able to fit four of them in the space determined for the project.

So, After I finally received all my fdm printed models I ended up only having one that I was really satisfied with. The four smaller models that I had, with the encasing twirling forms around them ended up being too thin for the bath, and broke apart too easily. The one form that I had printed that was larger and also without the surrounding forms turned out fine. (granted I did peel all the supporting material off myself instead of putting it through the bath..)

SinceI lost all the fdm printed materials that swirled around the figures I tried to recreate the feeling and look with wire. This was the result:

(click on for larger image)

I really liked the way that the shadows look - and might consider displaying this in a way so that only the shadows would be seen - such as inside of an object and backlit so that the shadows would be projected and be seen on the outside.

I also used this model for some of my laser explorations - look at that project to see more!

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