Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This piece is new exploration of space. I simplified the design from my previous sphere so the FDM could more feasibly print out my piece. Hopefully the printing works out. It'd be great to take this piece into bronze.


  1. im digging this simplified version. it has a nice focal point with that center cut out that makes your goal of exploring the space more achievable. i found the other was a tad overwhelming (especially in comparison with the refined version). and you are right- it would be beautiful in bronze.

  2. Hi Matti
    Please be sure to say you know all about Arnoldo Pomodoro, if anyone asks about your spheres.

    His Italian website is:

    His most viewed sphere sculpture is in the Vatican, and the other famous sphere of his was in front of one of the World Trade Centers, it appears in a park on exhibit about 2 block from where it stood the day the towers fell. And it is damaged but still intact...