Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Serial Slicing - Laser Cutting Federico Villa

For our next project, we decided to do serial slicing but using wood instead of cardboard so that we could then sand it and give it form by hand, using both digital and physical sculptural techniques to create a piece.

Inspired by Designer Marc Newson and the way the legs of his chairs create a sculptural aspect from the space around it, I got inspired to create a piece with a similar quality. I begun with Rhino and constructed a form that played with contrast of volume versus singularity and arrived at a vase which I was very happy with, and after rendered it I sliced it up and prepared the file for the laser cutter

The pieces came out very nicely, and when I was organizing them they created an interesting coil spiral which I thought was peculiar but beautiful.
After organizing the pieces into their respective levels, I started to assemble each level starting with the larges one first to give the piece a strong base to glue up from. I used a projector and some heavy materials I found to apply weight in intervals making sure the warping of the wood would flatten out and make a strong connection with the other pieces.

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