Wednesday, October 2, 2013

3D scanning of object

I used the NextEngine 3D Scanner to capture a sculpture of an alligator skull. The scanner takes an 2D image in HD full color and it also has a multi-laser for precision 3D measurements as well.

The digitize 3D models are cleaned up in ScanStudio HD software and Rapid works 3.5 . Exports to STL, OBJ
Output 3D scaned models to design software like SolidWorks, 3ds Max, ZBrush, Rhino, Mud Box
One Goal of the project is to Print models using the 3D printer as well to be able to CNC a relief sculpture or send the file to laser cutter  or even Pepakura Designer
The above and below  images are of the laser scanning  part of the process.

 For every scanning the images are placed in a family in the above photo the green squares show that have 2 families and the blue are images that have to be aligned.

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