Sunday, November 18, 2012


My goal for this project was to produce an organic tree model which would be contrasted by the serial slice method. I also loved the look of dyed concrete and glass so I decided to combine all three. The project is still in progress as I finish putting the final touches on the glass piece so it will be ready for the concrete.

I started building the model in Maya, then took the low poly model over to mudbox to give it a really organic look. After sculpting in the texture and root structure I ported it over to Mudbox to begin the serial slicing process.

After getting the cores in place and slicing it all up and many hours of laying it out to fit on as few sheets as possible I sent the files over to be laser cut.

 Putting it together!

Clamping this thing was a nightmare.
 To finish it off I tried out graphite per Prof. Scott's suggestion, I think I'll do a few more coats depending on the color of the concrete.
Stay tuned for the rest!

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