Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sami Woolhiser: Project #3

"Caught in the headlights"

Here is a model I made for 3D printing (3DM) and pepakura. I took a few models from a database library. Here is a collage of a deer model, bridges and buildings which I manipulated to create my desired form.
Here is the model in Rhino
 There were some issues with the deer model so I took the file into Maya to clean up the mesh to get rid of all the manifold surfaces. I had to separate the leg and make that a separate shape from the main body. I will just put these two shapes next to each other and they will be fine in the 3D printer.

Fix in Maya
 Here is the final model in Rhino. I made sure to convert all of the models from polysurfaces to meshes so they would print properly. All clean meshes! Some of these I had to remodel because of some issues with the original data.

Here is the model in Keyshot, some cool renderings with a metal and wood.
Wood and Silver

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