Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Emily Nelms: Pepakura Work!

I chose to work with the polyhedron, tetracontahedron chosen from the database system on Blackboard. Keeping with the idea of the human hand in mind, I engraved a simplified thumbprint over the form. I opened the PDF in illustrator, colored the outside cut lines magenta and the inside dash lines in blue, working through the work flow as required for future projects.

The over simplification that was necessary in order for the file to function properly completed abstracted the thumb print. I will be getting it back from the lab soon, so we'll see how it turned out.

I was able to use this model from the digimation viewpoint bank.  It was on this piece that I learned how to properly cut up models, label, add numbers, and organize the pieces. I used illustrator and Rhino to finish this piece up.

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