Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sami Lee Woolhiser: Pepakura files

Here is my practice for pepakura, we took a shape from the database. No pepakura program involved here, just illustrator and rhino. I live traced a flower design and pasted it over my shape in rhino to give it a cool engraving.
Original Patern
Pattern in Illustrator

Original Pattern in Illustrator
Star shape in rhino with pattern
Here are the files for my pepakura wolf. First we take our model into Pepakura. Then cut and dissect the model into flat puzzle pieces using the knife tool and organize using the move tool. Where the flaps overlap you have to split the pieces with the zipper tool. Then we have to move the pieces into illustrator so that we can translate it into rhino.
Layers: Outercuts=magenta, innercuts=blue, text=red (make sure to convert text to curves, the laser can't read text objects)
These are crucial because the laser cutter will translate certain colors into certain cuts.

Wolf in Pepakura, model and pieces
parts laid out in illustrator
Rhino, close up

Rhino, pieces laid out

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