Monday, April 21, 2014

Rebecca Blessing - 1st Serial Slicing

Made a simple form in Maya using deformers on a nurbs surface and imported it into Rhino. Placed two cylinders through object as guides. 

Sliced the model up into sections and isolated the curves 

Laid out and numbered the slices on sheets to be cut out of the cardboard. 

I got the pieces cut out with a laiser and arranged them in order by number. This is the point where i realized my wooden dowels were two small.  

I started gluing anyway lining the holes up by eye 

After finishing what i had i realized i was missing half of the required slices... so back to Gulfstream i went

Due to an cardboard mix up, the model came out stretched and much larger than planned.
A happy accident in my opinion as the end result is very pleasing. 

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