Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tim Kent : Winter Quarter Post 1

     This is a sculpture I designed a few years ago, and originally carved in plaster. Since then, the 2D drawing has been a basis for my sculptural work. This is to say, all my sculptures are a transformation from the original 2D paper drawing. I was excited to be able to take this practice into the 3D world. Using the 3D scanner, I was able to trace a foam maquette into the computer, and after a few hours of cleaning up the file, it was ready to be played with in Rhino. I am excited to now be able to morph the form dimensionally, rather than being confined to the limitations of 2D rendering. 

     One of the first things I did in Rhino was learn how to contour the form. This was a fundamental step for learning how to Serial slice an object. One I had a contour drawing of the sculpture, I went into the perspective mode of Rhino and used the command "draw 2d". This created a drawing of the contours in the prospect I was looking at it. I was then able to laser engrave this image using the laser cutter.

     Finally, I got my pieces back from the laser cutter, and it was time to put them together. Here you can see that process. In my following post I will show some more completed works. Digital applications of sculpture has been really interesting so far and a nice break from oil painting. I am excited to see how it will influence my art.

More of my work, including oil painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media, and replicas can be viewed on my website:

Tim Kent

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