Thursday, June 17, 2010

BlackManGrove: Pepakura02

BlackManGrove: Pepakura02
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It's really nice when things come together. I had fun putting this piece together. I challenged myself to build it without looking at the computer model. It certainly went together better than the first model in tag board. This paper stock has a lot more structural integrity and I will be using it to construct more paper models this summer.

I am awaiting some brush-on epoxies from polygem that I will be using to further stiffen the model in order to make it more permanent. There is a clear epoxy that goes on very thin that will stiffen the paper and another product that can be used to build up a 1/8-1/4" shell. For this model I will be using the clear to coat this model.

Joe Siepel, a fellow sculptor stopped by to talk with me the other day and began to admire the piece. He told me that he loved the numbers on the piece that are used for registration. I told him that I liked them too and that I really love the way they become more dense in the areas of high detail in the model. He made me promise not to cover them up.
When he said that he reminded me of my good friend Scott Bennett. Scott would come by as I was creating the wire-frame substructure for one of my planar sculptures. Scott would tell me to "stop, it's done". I would always end up covering up all the substructures with steel plates, this would annoy my good friend to no end.

This study is more about the digital fabrication process and will reflect the hand of the artist and the tools that were used to create it. The numbers stay. I hope this makes both my friends happy. "Pretty good Bud"

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