Friday, April 5, 2013

Sami Lee Woolhiser: Pepakura "Arch"

Working on a model for fabricating a pepakura arch. I have recently been fascinated with passages, the concept is so adaptive to any interpreter. We encounter passages, portals and arches every day, they are doors and hallways.

Here are some sketches and a maquette of a simpler design.

I am building this structure up surface by surface. First I began with a simple surface. Then I created a multi edge line which I exploded into four curves. From there I began to loft these curves to the edges of the surface.

Into Pepakura! There are some issues with the model as you can see there are red edges, perhaps there are overlapping surfaces in the model. I went back to check and fix some of the surfaces. It just means that on those edges I won't have a flap. I could either fix the model in rhino or deal with it and manually craft some flaps when I am putting it together.
I have attempted to cut these pieces into loops so construction will be slightly simpler.

Here are some images of the work in Keyshot.

Brass checker
Glass ridging

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