Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sami Lee Woolhiser: Heightfield and Boolean

Here are the baby steps in a few of my projects this quarter. First I am playing with some translation drawings that I have digitally drawn and then converted to a 3 dimensional surface in Rhino using the Heightfield command. Using Illustrator you seem to get different results than with a pixel based image from photoshop.

 In Rhino you can see that I have converted it to a solid by projecting my initial heightfield surface to the Cplane, then lofting the edges of the surface on the cplane to the heightfield surface. After I have all of these surfaces constructed all it takes is a join to combine them into an inherent solid!

Here is another project I am working on. These will be fiber relief sculptures, I hope to use a variety of fabrics and materials to achieve a gradient in value as well as texture. My goal is to make at least two of these.

These are essentially smaller versions of an installation called Passage.

Photo Credit: Matt King
Here is the beginning of my Rhino modeling. Keeping these simple at first, the layout is for a paper maquette. 

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