Monday, April 22, 2013

Sam Lasseter, FDM Baby

When we broke down the 3D printing process I came to a conclusion that I want to do multiple components that will be inter locking.  And thinking in that direction I thought about hand puppets like Punch and Judy or possibly marionettes.

Punch and Judy
Punch and Judy

Phantom Limb Fortune Teller

Phantom Limb The Devil Knows You

I have been looking through the digital model data bank for animals that I will just take their head and hands (hooves if need be), mix them together and simply print them as separate components then when working with them in boundary I will paint them up and add touches as I feel so inclined.  And then created a fabric body to allow for it to be manipulated by hand.  Or if I choose the marionette route I will crate and simple flexible armature cover it with fabric and then string that puppy up.

Here are the parts that I will 3D print.  

And here they are

Next I will take molds of them and make a few casting with Rebound300.

I used Oomoo 30 for my mold, the fingers on one of the hand broke off and were left in the mold but I poured the urethane anyway hoping that they will come out.

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