Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Andrew F. Scott: Penthouse Gallery

This image was created in Maya using the Mental Ray shader. In this image A Physical Sky shader as the main source of light. Material_X is the primary shader used for all of the materials in this visualization. I think that I would like for the room to be in a penthouse so I will find an image for the backdrop that can create that context of I may just have to create the city myself.

I found a New York City skyline to use as the backdrop for my Penthouse Gallery. This image was created in Photoshop By compositing render passes from maya. The same work flow can be used in Keyshot to complete you image composites. Note the difference in the dynamic range of this image compared to the beauty shot in Maya.

I wanted to create another view of my Penthouse Gallery. I wanted this view to be set in a daytime context with a wider view of the gallery. I am beginning to like this notion of composing exhibitions of my work digitally. I followed the same work flow as in the previous image, first creatign the beauty pass in Maya. Afterwhich I used the render layers to compose several render passes.

This is the composited image in Photoshop. While I think it is a good start there is still some work that i have to do in Maya with the shadows to get it just right.

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