Monday, May 13, 2013

Audrey Dakin: Serial slicing

I have always loved serial sliced shapes and objects. There is just something about seeing the layers of a piece that I love. So when we were introduced to the project with the slides of all the different artists, two stuck in my mind: Maya Lin and Foon Sham.
I enjoyed the topographical feel of Maya Lin's pieces, but the organic forms of Foon Sham were captivating.  After looking at their works, I decided to literally use an organic form to serial slice. I went through the data base in the computer for the objects that we had meshes for.

 I stared with the heart and it turned out to be a lot more work than I expected because of the chambers and valves and things. After finishing about a quarter of it, I realized I had booleaned some of the curves wrong and didn't have the time to go back and fix the 8 or pieces that I had done wrong.

 I changed the form after not being able to turn back and fix my slices, so I decided to use a tooth instead which turned out to be an interesting form to use later in the 3D printing project. Ill update with pictures of that soon, as I just got done putting it together and I have some fun ideas for the 19 inch tooth that I put together.

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