Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Audrey Dakin: 3D Printing UPDATE

I have a few updates for what I have been doing with the 3D printed pieces that I was working on.

Again here are the images of the teeth that were printed. I started taking silicone molds of them a few days ago which didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. First of all, I forgot about the sulfer based oil clay that doesn't allow for the silicone to cure correctly. So here is what my molds looked like:

The sulfer based clay didn't allow for the corners on the top picture to cure correctly, but in the middle of that one curing I remembered about the non-sulfer based clay. So the bottom picture I ended up altering this one by taking out the sulfer based clay and lining it with non-sulfer based clay. This one I had less problems with, but on both molds I had problems with the pour hole on the bottom. I could have planned that a little better so that there was only one, but I ended up having three different pour holes because I put clay on every hill on the crown of the tooth so that it wouldn't float up because I had a problem with that in the first mold. I still poured some molds just so that I could get some casts out of them, but I need to go back and redo it.

 This was with rebound 325 which I found to be neat to work with since I have never worked with it, but it is more flexible that the regular plastic which I think is rebound 300? Anyway, right now I have my molds in the freezer to make some ice molds so that the melting of the teeth resembles what would happen to your teeth if you didn't take care of them. Still going to work on these molds though!

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