Wednesday, July 14, 2010

David Markus | Milling Project

I decided to work on a modular surface for my milling study. Each module is a hexagon made up of a smaller array of 7 full hexagons and 6 subsections. The hexagons were first offset and then projected onto a concave and convex shaped to create a dynamic surface.

Since every point touches 3 modules, it is difficult to create a standard repeating modular unit. Instead, I decided on a radial pattern, using convex modules surrounded by concave modules.

One problem I may run into is my use of hard convex angles. These will undoubtedly lose resolution when carved by the round CNC bit, so I am using this as a test to see just how much that effects the overall appearance. Another problem I may run into is chipoff from the steep 90 degree angled edges of the channels.

I will continue exploring my options to better utilize the nature of the tool.

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