Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yuma Watanabe's Project1: Laughing Buddha

1st step of my approach of my project was creating template with Adobe Illustrator.
I used Pen Tool to get these outlines.
The Illustrator file was saved as Dxf files then imported in Rhino.
This is my wire frame outlook. I took around a week to come up with concept,
and 1 entire day to model this beautiful laughing Buddha.

These are my material selections. I think the picture in the middle is the best looking.
I was so excited to see my lovely Boddha, however, Prof. Scott told me that my file is messed up.
I could not believe it! How could it happen!?

Well, this is why. Can you see pink lines? These are all naked edges...
This is totally my fault. Even though I have another file to submit, that is not my will.
So right now, I am fixing the file and trying to catch up my classmates.


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