Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jonathan Sells Project2: Goblin Head Bust

Using Maya for modeling and Rhino for output the following geometry was constructed. First in Maya the model was cleaned up then smoothed at a subD of 2 on each object. Next the geometry is exported as an .obj file and in Rhino extra cleanup tools are run such as CheckMesh and ShowEdges. After resized to dimensions the file is exported in .stl format. In order to have the model hold correctly when printed, the eyes, gums and teeth had to be placed touching a parcel of the head geometry. Unlike milling, FDM printing does not mind undercuts but the geometry must obviously be clean as with any 3d printing process.

The geometry for FDM had to fit in 5 x 5 x 6.
My dimensions were 4.05 x 4.44 x 5.50



Screen capture from Rhino

Render from Hypershot using a matte white material

FDM rough cut photograph

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