Sunday, November 15, 2009

John Adams: Exscind Complexity

Exscind, meaning to cut or dissect, is a reference to the multiple layers of deconstruction of an 3-D object to to create a complex 2 dimensional image. Staring with a stock polygonal head model Maya was used to convert it to a poly surface nurbs model.

Then imported to Rhino the model was broken down further by contouring the model in an angled serial study. The relation of three dimensional lines in a two dimensional medium was the examined to find a two dimensional composition and transition of lines that could not been through a solid object.

Exporting this overlapping network of vector lines to Illustrator allowed the final step to creating the final image. Adding fill to all of lines from the poly surface nurbs created a overlap that covered some lines and bringing other forward.

This exploration process has given me insight into the potential of combining programs and the tools they offer. In the words of Professor Scott, "it doesn't matter what program because it's all in the file format". When thinking about the nature of different digital file formats, I have found it best to consider them as different mediums. Each have their own feel, potential, and limits in this was I would consider process mentioned above as an example of mixed digital medium.

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-John Adams

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  1. laser engraving would be a perfect application for this process.