Sunday, November 22, 2009

Stuctal Lamp continued

Sometimes it takes some unexpected input to realize a project.

I found myself frustrated with the outcome of my laser cut lamp. It was meant to use all of the material from an 18x32 sheet of acrylic and it did but I felt that i could become more than just the slotted structure I first designed.

John:"I'm just not happy with plastic lamp, I wish I could ball it up like a sheet of paper!"
Anonymous:"yeah too bad you cant."

This is when I went off to the oven. melting all of the rectangular sections and twisting them together. I was now in a battle against time and the will of the material to find a pleasing composition.

The majority of my work is process driven and determined more by the potential of the material than an aesthetic foresight. This piece in many ways showed me how "interesting" feedback and unexpected uses of materials can create something beautiful.

-John Adams

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