Monday, November 2, 2009

[fab_lab]_SCAD: AuthorShape

[fab_lab]_SCAD: AuthorShape
Originally uploaded by afsart

Enlisting the help of photography majors, each member of Fab.Lab.SCAD was instructed to “paint” a fluid form using a light source in front of the open shutter of a digital camera, beginning and ending in the same position so as to ensure continuous author-shapes were created. The digital photos were randomized and presented to the group, where each member was then asked to pick a shape. Each photo was placed in Abobe Illustrator and live-traced, producing vectors that could be exported into Rhinoceros. These author-shapes were arranged in a random vertical sequence, removing individual identification and any resulting sense of hierarchy within the group. Using a loft command a seamless surface was created through a series of continuous curves between each author-shape. The resulting form derived from unity and balance represents the individual role in collective collaboration: the column.

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