Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tim Kent: Spring Quarter Post 1. Advanced Digital Sculpture 450

I am picking up this quarter where I left off last. In Sculpture 250 I really enjoyed learning about 3D Scanning, and serial slicing. This quarter, I started by refining a form I utilized last quarter. Here is the picture of the 3D foam Maquette from laster quarter(left), compared to the maquette I carved this quarter(right):

The intention was to refine the form, and make it more organic, asymmetrical and dynamic. 

The next part of the process was 3D scanning, then setting up the file to get laser cut.

During this time, I played around with layering different exotic and domestic woods together. I was a little dusty on planing, and glueing up wood, so I wanted to do some tests before I started on the pieces I would be creating to laser cut. Here is an example of a test piece:

The 4 layers of wood shown are Oak, Poplar, Poplar, then Redheart.

I was initially wanting to create the whole sculpture out of solid exotic woods, but upon researching the workability and toxicity of each species available, I found that to not be the best idea. I problem solved a lot until I found the best way to incorporate accents of exotic wood that would be easy/friendly to work with.

Here I have laminated Pine with Redheart:

Lastly, here is two final layers of laminated, planed, wood that were ready to be laser cut! The woods used are poplar, redheart, and pine.

For more work, including painting, sculptures, and mixed media, check out my artist website :

Tim Kent 

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