Thursday, May 29, 2014

Danielle Aras-Independent Project Process

These are some images of the process of making the Chicago Federal Building model.
 I did the initial 3-D model in Maya. Knowing the building was symmetrical, I made it as easy as possible on myself by only modeling one of each wall that was repeated more than once.

 The next step was to take the model into Pepakura and unfold it. I made two separate models, one for the base and one for the cupola. In this image, the colored pieces in the right window are all I needed to build the whole model.

After unfolding the model, I used Illustrator to add the cutout details and windows.
 This is what the files I sent to the laser cutter looked like...
And these are the pieces I got back, ready to be assembled. The final product can be seen in my other post.

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