Thursday, March 8, 2012

Joseph Willet: Exploration of Digital Technology

Using a Rhino, a 3D software I manipulated two models, a wolf and a pig, by reducing poly counts to simplify the forms.
After manipulating the models I took to utilizing all three of our Digital lab's resources, laser cutter, FDM printer and CNC mill. First, I used a Grasshopper definition to waffle the wolf form

Next, I used the FDM printers to create small models to which I would later mold and create multiple copies.

After the FDM models were all cleaned up I attempted to vacuum form the small heads. This process failed and I later turned towards silicone molds.
The third resource, CNC Milling, I used to create a larger form out of foam. I stopped the mill's process before the final phase of refinement because the form was interesting and reflective of the process with serial planes moving along both the X,Y and Z axis.
After the CNC Mill, I coated the foam with polyurethane and proceeded to mold the piece using silicone.

After the silicone mold was completed and the part removed I proceed to create a mother mold out of plaster and burlap to support the malleable silicone.
After the mold process was completed I used the mold to cast an aquaresin and fiberglass hanging wall sculpture.

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