Friday, March 16, 2012

Christian Dunbar: More Sculptural Table Bases

Here is another group of sculptural table bases that I designed this quarter. During the last 3 months Rhino has truly become my preferable tool when designing not only sculpture, but also furnishings. I have begun to work in a much more efficient and productive manner, by using the program to "sketch". As you may see, I am now able to produce many varying iterations of any given concept in the same time that I used to spend on hand sketching a single idea. In my personal aesthetic, I tend to work with repeated elements to produce rhythms and visual systems. Rhino has turned this once tedious process into one that I now enjoy embarking on. Using this new method, I was able to design (and build) more pieces this quarter than in all previous quarters combined. The second image of this post shows the extensive evolution of a 6' long cherry/steel double slab cocktail table that I built. Images of the process will follow soon.

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