Friday, August 28, 2009

Laser Cut Waffle

This project was very important to me. My father died July 6, 2008 and I have been running from conceptual art ever sense. I didn't want to be the girl who "just makes art about death," and "needs to get over it." Instead, I decided try and get over that attitude. Death is something that everyone in the world experiences and can relate to. Art is another thing that everyone in the world experiences and can relate to. So why not make art about death.

This piece was created by waffling a sphere and printing it out on luan. I wanted the sphere to be large enough to get inside but I was restricted by the size of the laser cutter bed. Tired of restricition and ready to solve problems, I cut the sphere into four pieces in Rhino and waffeled them seperately and then bolted them together once they were constructed. The skin is made out of spandex that I sewed together from a template constructed by using the "smash" command on my sphere in Rhino. I made the clock in my enamaling class using the process of "burning out" organic matter to leave a ghost in its place. It represents death going by its own unstoppable time and the loss and memories that are experienced by the living left in its wake. The sphere acts as an egg or a womb. I sit inside and wait for my spiritual rebirth after my fathers death.

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