Thursday, March 14, 2013

B. Rogers_ Final Pt. B (Serial Slice)

Similar to the Pepakura version, I wanted to make this one a bit more intimidating with larger hornes, 
I also wanted to experiment with construction of costume elements using this technique to be further finished, molded, and then have the ability to cast multiples. (Whereas a solid master would be more durable for molding)

The model was modified in Maya to have the longer hornes, and then was exported into Rhino as a mesh.

A boolean difference was used to cut some "eye" geometry into the face, and the model was scaled down to about 1/4 the original size.

Then, the serial slices grasshopper script was used to segment the object after 1/4" all-thread holes were defined.

All thread dry-fit. I like using wing-nuts for stuff like this so that I can remove everything more easily after the glu-up.

The glue-up.

Post All-Thread removal.
At this stage I wanted to use a die-grinder to flush down the faces so that the original geometry could be better represented, but unfortunately the shop at Boundary didn't have one in working order... so finishing this piece will have to come later. I intend to make this one smooth by using a combination of carving, sanding, and body-filler, then finishing the surface with a reflective gold. (Think Raiders of the Lost Arc, Golden Idol)

The Final Presentation with the two variations on this model.

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