Thursday, October 6, 2011

nonLin/Lin Pavilion by Marc Fornes & THEVERYMANY

A wonderful inspiration from Marc Fornes & THEVERYMANY: nonLin/Lin Pavilion.

One of the latest ultimate design projects which is installed at the FRAC Center in Orleans, France. The architectural installation combines elements of biomimetic design – technology that mimics nature, architecture, sculpture and knowledge in what can only be described as an organic form. Fornes is the architect behind the New York-based design studio THEVERYMANY, and in the '''nonLin/Lin Pavilion'', Fornes experiments with dramatic changes of morphology; from the structural network to surface condition.

The nonLin/Lin Pavilion is the result of a very explicit research line, investigating the design and build component of a coherent environment. The self-supporting structure affects the users as it engages him/her to notions of limitation, filtration and spatial depth experimenting with illusion and space. The structure forms an eccentric universe where elements such as openings or dimensional measurements evolve from model or scale. In the pavilion, you cannot take the space for granted despite the fact that humans are able to perceive space from an infant state. The nonLin/Lin Pavilion, however, is one project that asks viewers to consider three dimensions as if for the very first time. This visual phenomenon is allowing spectators to suspend disbelief while assigning cultural references or analogies from nature (corals, flowers) – yet nonLin/Lin Pavilion is only a very precise experiment toward constructability within a precise economical and cultural context.

Thanks to Will Penny for providing the link to this project.

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