Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Milling Project 1: Proof of Concept

This is the first image is a screenshot taken from a Rhino file that I am currently working on. The image represents a test of transforming 3d image data into surfaces that can be milled using a CNC router. To date I have had some success using this data to drive laser cutting processes using line. For milling processes the challenge is to convert the line to shapes that the mill can then see and apply to subtractive carving processes.

After a little trial and error I was able to convert both the shapes and the line into surfaces. I am excited about this because the technique can be applied to everthing from low relief to woodblock print processes. More to Come in the future.

This is my first rendering using Bunkspeed Hypershot or as I like to refer to it "HyperCrack" because it provides quick and easy renderings of 3d data files. Until today, I was a skeptic. My mind changed when in less than 10 minutes everyone in the class was able to create a pretty decent rendering of Rhino models. While I still enjoy exploring the esoteric aspects of global illumination, final gathering, ambient occlusion rendering and caustic effects, for many of my students and artist friends it is probably the way to go. You can't argue with results.

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